If One Is Good Then Two Is Twice As Good Right?

Sonix 4 Ultrasonics, in Charleston, South Carolina, introduces the F-Type Benchtop Dual-Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner that is perfect for numerous cleaning applications that not only require precise process controls but also have varying part configurations and mass. The Low-Frequency ultrasonic cleaning cycle can be used for simple parts with more mass, or gross pre-cleaning while the High-Frequency cycle can be used for precision cleaning and sterile processing.


Two Reece's Peanut Butter Cups, two (a left and right) Twix candy bars, two-scoops of ice cream, two ultrasonic cleaning frequencies – makes sense right? Sonix 4 Ultrasonics has introduced its newest line of ultrasonic cleaner, the F-Type Dual-Frequency line (maybe it should have been named the Reece's line) is a line up of digital ultrasonic cleaners ranging from small 2L sizes all the way up to it's custom-made products. The F-Type ultrasonic cleaner features the standard digital one-touch cycle time controls and digital temperature controller plus the popular degas mode and now has two cleaning frequencies of 28 kHz and 40 Khz. The dual-frequency product line of ultrasonic cleaners allows users from various industries from automotive to jewelry to medical devices to process parts more efficiently. Ultrasonic cleaning is already recognized as the most powerful and efficient parts cleaning method available, but with a dual-frequency ultrasonic cleaner operators can process parts that require a gross cleaning or degreasing cycle using the low-frequency 28 kHz mode while parts requiring a precision cleaning cycle can be processed using the high-frequency 40 kHz mode. Two is better than one, and these two won't add pounds to your waistline! 


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