Bio-Medical Series Ultrasonic Cleaners

The Most Powerful Step in Disinfection and Sterilization
Sonix 4 ultrasonic cleaning systems provide the
#1-rated cleaning performance in the industry.

Bio-Medical ultrasonic cleaning units are ideal for use in high volume/traffic operations at medical facilities.

The oscillation device transport system improves the ultrasonic cleaning and provides a drip-off

support for the stainless steel basket. The Bio-Medical systems feature Sonix 4’s MaxCav system design that features our Acousti-Pulse digitally integrated circuit with WaveSweep that constantly scans the transducer array recognizing changing working conditions for high-density cavitation and maximum cleaning results.

  • Easy to use digital timer controls, 0-99 minutes with standby and pause mode

  • Consistent process controls with digital temperature controls, ambient to 80 degrees Celsius (176F)

  • Degas function for optimum cleaning performance

  • Dual-Frequency Ultrasonic Power, 28 kHz for gross cleaning and 40 kHz for precision cleaning

  • Powerful and Durable PowerMass Industrial grade Dual-Frequency transducers (10 Year Warranty)

  • Efficient - an integrated digital circuit with Auto-Tuning for optimal transducer matching

  • Consistent results with WaveSweep Technology for uniform cavitation/cleaning

  • Guaranteed - 2/10 Year Warranty 

  • Everything’s included – comes with a stainless steel basket and cover

  • Recommended Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution - Eco4 Certified Green All-Purpose

  • Custom sizes are available 

  • Available with peripheral rinse tank and dryer tank 

  • Automated Loading and Unloading System

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