About us


Sonix IV Corporation is a 100% family owned business that was founded 1972 by four members ( the number four reference in the company name) primarily as an OEM/ODM manufacturer of ultrasonic transducers and generators, and later building on its strong engineering and science history to develop a full compliment of ultrasonic devices for industry, science and healthcare professionals. Sonix 4 continually pursues the boundless potential of acoustic cavitation – determining where and how the organization can create the greatest long-term value within our core value within our core competencies to benefit the industries we serve. This pursuit has led us to develop a diverse product line that provides the numerous industries we serve with the most powerful, efficient, and sustainable technology available for their applications. We strive to build our position as a family-run business that contributes to the benefit of our customers, partners, and society by advancing and sharing our ideas, executing our values and policies while seeking to achieve superior results by innovating new products, optimizing existing products and eliminating waste.



Quality. Accountability. Conservation.

These attributes set the standards for evaluating our policies, practices, and conduct. They establish the norms of behavior within our organization and those that guide individual actions towards long-term cooperation with our customers, suppliers, and partners.


Get the basics right, strive for excellence and 10,000% compliance, drive value creation and seek continuous improvement

Accountability.Conduct all affairs with integrity, treat others with honesty, dignity, and respect, collaborate, share knowledge, and contribute to the well-being of mankind and society.


Generate the greatest contribution and results by better decision making, optimization, innovation, and eliminating waste.


As a family-run business within an industry that has endless potential, we see ourselves as teachers as well as researchers sharing our knowledge for the benefit of mankind. "Sonication education for a sustainable future."


Research and Development

Sound is an amazing phenomenon with virtually infinite practical applications.

Sonix 4 Research and Development is constantly searching to stay ahead of the curve as sonochemistry is a new and expanding field. We make it our mission to provide the latest in ultrasonic technology in a vast array of fields so that whatever you do can benefit from sonication. Purchase parts or have us customize a project for you. We are excited about unique perspectives on our technology and welcome a fresh set of eyes to discovering the potential that sound waves have to offer.

If you are already using our ultrasonics in an application, rest assured that you have the best product science can offer. We test our products according to peer-reviewed methods for cavitational efficiency, and we offer these testing devices so that you can perform these same checks to ensure your product continues to operate at optimal capacity. Ultrasonic technology makes any process or procedure more efficient saving you time and money.