Bio-Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner, 10 Gallon model TC1-10

Bio-Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner, 10 Gallon model TC1-10

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The TC-Series Console Systems are efficient and versatile precision cleaning systems designed to clean a wide variety of parts for any medical facility. The TC-Series is available in several standard configurations or can be custom made to accommodate today’s high-tech cleaning requirements.


Engineered as a compact, space-saving design fabricated entirely from stainless steel as a cost-effective solution for cleaning applications of today's medical industry.


  • Fabricated from heavy gauge stainless steel
  • Automated Elevator Lift System
  • Easy to use process controls - digital temperature controls, ambient to 80 degrees Celsius (176F)
    • Power intensity control
  • Integrated industrial duty circuitry with:
    • Efficient - an Integrated digital circuit with Auto-Tuning for optimal transducer matching
    • Consistent results - WaveSweep Technology for uniform cavitation/cleaning
    • Improved Cleaning - Power Pulse Modulation and Degas function optimizes the cleaning bath for best results
  • Dual frequency models (28/40 kHz)
  • Industrial grade, high-performance transducers (10 Year Warranty)
  • Everything included - Stainless steel basket and cover included
  • Add-on features available such as:
    • Filtration
    • Surface oil sparger


Tank Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 10

Liquid Capacity:  10 Gallon

Ultrasonic Power:  240~600W

Dual Frequency: 28/40 kHz 

Operating Temperature:  20-80° 

Made To Order

These are made-to-order machines that can be configured many different ways to accommodate specialized cleaning requirements.


Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.